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The Feel…


Well after a very very very long time indeed! Great to publish something here. So this is how I would like to title this post.

The Feel…

This post is really special for me due to many reasons. Those reasons were all because of this picture below:

The photo which were taken in the year 2009 for the 2003rd batch of RMHS


Am the one standing extreme right Rajesh Muralidharen. So from right comes S.Karthikeyan|Saravanan|Vijay|Raman|Magesh|Harikrishna|Rahuk|Suresh Khanna|Sukeshan|N.Venkatesh|Sangeetha|Chandrakala|Habeed Naser|Sagayaraj|Arun Kumar|Nishanth|Muthu Kumar|(Standing on the side wall) Navanethan & Venkatesh

Can you believe this?

The 80s-90s community few years back used this picture in their memento/ souvenir or how can we call this? They named it



Ain’t that a nice name to carve on? Ok, lets keep this aside for sometime. Now, the best part of their event giving away this memento mounted with 2003rd batches picture as they how in honoring the TEACHERS.

To see our teachers getting award is great and if you come to know that there are some efforts and contribution in that award  from you, then its the moment of AWESOMENESS! Agree?

Yes, that evening was dragging me to a nice feeling. I liked that…


Yes! She is holding it tight to her heart… A Zoomed picture of my batch 2003 and me in it!!!

No doubt it was a mesmerizing evening to see all the past legends in teaching. Since I got an information from Facebook related to this event, I was asked to contact someone in their committee. I missed the contact and even his name and thats my bad time though.

Meanwhile it was all happening so quick, as it was a Sunday night and I need to rush to Bangalore to catch my transport. The events name is as below





Me and Raman in the front gate. I am looking so horrible since I was riding bike so fast to reach the spot from Thanjaur.

Knowing things will run fast I have already informed my friends Lakshamanan and Raman, so that I can update something in our RMHS School page in FB about this event. When I disclosed that our picture was mount in that award they both went flabbergasted. Initially they thought that it was just a bluff and when they witnessed it was time for their goosebumps!!!

We were very happy to see the old teachers, I mean for 2003rd batch its so old, only few can remember their names and faces. Among them I saw Deepapraksham and Manlliga Teachers. They were wondering how we were there. Soon got into some info about our arrival on the same.


Lakshamanan and Raman with Deepaprakasham master and Malliga teacher


Me and Raman with Deepaprakasham master and Malliga teacher

I remember few teachers, but don’t remember their names. The teacher whom I remember the name and face


and here are some picture of him…

Baby Thomas

Baby Thomas getting honored!

Baby Thomas

I can share some info on him just to know of those how really dont know. First he was RMHS Goc’s PT teacher and he is from a Kerala background. He is sort of a hero for all students for those ages and I have heard that some teachers have also admired by him.

Totally it was a fantastic evening event and great time to know that our Super Seniors are doing a great job. Still now they pay their token of love and gratitude in meeting them and getting blessings from them.

Isn’t that really admirable? Yeah for me its really is…

On behalf of all the RMHS students I OWE YOU (all teachers) WHAT WE ARE TODAY

This post I should have published years back and finally I got some time to narrate it at-least now.

with love

Rajesh Muralidharen [Mail me to]


Dear RMHSians,

Do you all know how happy I am? Thanks for all your support and love on this page which made us to reach another milestone all the way.

One more important thing you should know about this page and its time. Its not that serious thing am going to discuss guys after all what I will be having apart from our school days! I know no one knows how I came to create this page, why and when?

This is what happened – On my first post it was having a tag

“A boy’s memories about a school”

Interesting right? Don’t know how many of you have noticed that since you all are new visitors?
It was Started on 10 May 2011.

Years after the completion of my schooling life one day I sat and watch our school on the tree’s stem which was in the front. And well its for no reason, believe me. Rewinding back so many memories down and keeping me in-touch with the silent wind there. It was amazing though and nostalgic! I thought I may not be the only one who is feeling the same and there have to be so many out there too.

(Yes!!!!, I was true now I believe as I can see 600 people on my page).

So in that quest I thought I can create a page on FB and can make a communication between you and your memories of the school. All I did start to take pictures of our school just to kindle away and stay, then after I can see some overwhelming comments and reviews and personal wishes on my posts. From there till now it working perfect in all means. I never thought that my small work can make a huge difference. The freshness of my love to RMHS wont perish same as you. After all its not that easy!!! I would like to promise that I will keep you engage with all the same as what I am doing now for our school and for this page. Expecting the same support from you in the near future.

A small token of lover from me to the school and for my friends and for our page…

Carved Love for RMHS

                                                                                 Carved Love for RMHS

Since being my birthday I went out with my fellow colleagues for having a great day. And there while I got this idea to take the picture on the shore of Dieppe, France dated 6th Sep 2014. It was way behind the count to reach 600 Likes, but I was pretty much on the side of my hope that it will reach. So here we are, all got set and wet for the effort 🙂

Once again if you have any suggestions, feedback and reviews please message me. you are always welcome!

With love

Rajesh Muralidharen

Royal Caricature

Caricature of King & Queen

Long long ago, I mean a pretty much long ago 🙂  There lived a king who was the richest man in the world. He was the wisest man who ever lived and also one of the most foolish. God gifted him with unsurpassed wisdom which the king squandered by disobeying God’s commandments.

Now I am OK

Now I am OK

I am not driving you crazy. Its a small experiment of mine. Now I am almost a child to remember my old days!!! Can now pen something  worth. I believe writing something will have more life, if you are a victim of it. With that in mind I may start my post of the  month.

My new Nikon D300s

My new Nikon D300s, more precise Dad’s Nikon D300s!!!

Entitling something like “An-Idea – charismatic Video?” that sounds that I am turning into a new hobby? Yes your quality of prediction is way perfect. Its been a year by now that I am planning to take a video. Kind of short-film or some awareness specific or something where I can make use of my Dad’s Nikon D300s 😛

Getting Cam from dad is another serious business. For professional purpose he is using it.

I was stereotyped as a lazy Southern European

I was stereotyped as a lazy Southern European

Finally I got a chance and I started making movies-videos. Ennobling Google and YouTube very much from heart for this. In the later half of time I spend in digging the video shoot which is really different from photo-shoot! To have a perfect kick-off … Stating very clear picture of what need to be visualized. I started my journey from Railnagar, Ambikapuram to Railway Quarters (Trichy-Tamil Nadu).  I mostly started my journey alone for no reason, for others it would be something like …

I am all alone!

Are you alone? Awwwwww!!!!

Nothing wrong in that. Indeed one of my best friend’s mom use to say – “Thanimai Virumbi” (தனிமை பிடிக்கிறது -Loving loneliness). I don’t know may be because of that I am back of my schools memories. I have spend most of the time in Ponmalai for shooting this video. The way chosen for filming is really different, It was as and when I was impressed in watching the  videos of Modern Motorcycle Diaries  – Alex Chacon, he is the one I am    talking about. His 360*  video shooting is the reason behind all these crazy things. Shooting our school will be a greatest pleasure of joy. Hoping for the best! Will dine you pretty soon with the greatest meal of RMHS GOC Alumni Association!

With best regards Rajesh Muralidharen

A Teacher called Revathy

Wandering wonk wrapped with weekend whole wealthy way whistling wack wide writing…WOW!!!

A Teacher called Revathy

All remember my sister Sajana and my friend Malcom, but cool to be a part of this moment!

That’s a hell-a-lot of ‘W’. The quench about all the above quotes is just to say that ‘I’ spend time in this weekend to write something. Well… its down here 🙂

Happened some months back and I do find time to write now 😦 . Title makes most of us to remember the movie star? Though way true, there is someone if you remember our school days! Those melody Poems, those dream catching Non-detail, those Ordinary writing as distinguished from verse, yes am talking about ‘Prose’, those அழகான தமிழ்- Beautiful Tamil speaking and and so on.

please please please!

please please please!

(You being a reader may remember more than me, request you to write down those memories in the comment column)

This as a series count from my last and the last before post in all means. First to our school and hooking up Ramesh sir and who guided along to Revathy teachers house. So here we are ; my sister Sajana, Malcom, of-course Me ( and my bike RE Thunder Bird).

The sullen sky and dew drops over the grass and bush made me to think only us joining the feast? Way NO folks!!!

With us we all were brace with lot of memories over the school and the pretty lady whom we are going to meet : Yes!!! Revathy Teacher. I would say the thrill was more on my sisters face as she was being 10 years passed student by then of our school (last year 2013). Wait a minute!  Its time to hear my instinct, it’s about our Balaji Kasirajan who reminded me about the 90th year completion of our school last year (2013)  and 10 more years to cross 100th year! It’s the same number 10 years completion of my sister being passed away from this wonder land. Any lessons learnt from this instance. I don’t know about you reader, but I do. And what’s that?

If we can relate our : PASSION and DREAM the result will be AWESOME! ain’t that true?

Simple when you feel you will kneel. Rap up… We walked up the steps and reached the door. I bet we knocked the right door, obviously we do as Ramesh sir was there. OMG we saw the pretty women, I felt she was same as before. We burst into smiles and in timed seeing each other. Meanwhile Reavthy teacher was pushed to enigmatic state. Sure that she can feel us as her old student, but the question she asked to herself many times is simple to be predicted.

Who are these kids? From which batch? May be my daughter’s classmates? If though I am sure to know them all ?!@#$%^&* (all those special char means confusion 😛 ) 

Glimpse of awesomeness includes ME

Glimpse of awesomeness includes ME

Glimpse of awesomeness

Glimpse of awesomeness

I introduced myself and before my sister could start Revathy teacher was able make it out it was Sajana. Ain’t that a fantastic feeling so as to see in both of their face in the above picture! So the next was Malcom. I would say its a huge metabolic change in his physic now when you can picture him in his childhood. Same as I thought he was remembered by his brother Marshall. Throwing some instance that was happened last year on their (Revathy teacher’s) tour to some part of north India. It was Marshall bro who helped them to make things comfortable in their trip. It was way easy for Revathy teacher to remember Malcom by then.Was explaining to us about Malcom “Short fellow, now becoming husky”.

She was laughing loud as she was achieving our hearts through Teacher-hood.

So then now…we all know well, soon she obligate us to have something. We are privileged as we are having a heavy heart as well as tummy 😛 You folks should see those what she dined with.

Preserved in heart

Preserved in heart

Served with care

Served with care

Served with love

Served with love

The first one was home-made. Yeah, I know you all know that. But I want to know is someone there mouth watering?

She was posing questions to my dear sister and Malcom and myself serious busy in tasting business. Aftermath! got up and shoot images to make some souvenirs. Uploaded those in our school page in FB, but this time I am going to post the same as well as some of the picture of Revathy Teacher’s daughters 🙂 How could I miss a chance like this to make the stage more impressive?


Revathy family collage

Revathy family collage

After an hour long of share. We realized that we are blessed with an amazing afternoon with Reavthy Teaceher…! The next journey started to Ravichanran Master. Yippee!!!

Enjoyed the story-line? Then don’t forget to carve the comments below 😛

A second language become first!

What you think about the title? Strange enough? A title that fits perfectly? Well it’s with you.

Hah…!!! Its been quite a long gap I took a start to write this blog. Yes, I was engaged with more of the social external factors (you all have that I know like family, work, party etc) that gave a retract from my Passion. But I said the word Passion, which means still it’s there. Can’t be relinquished easily, so here I am…

What makes me to think the title as “A second language become first”? Any guesses? Well you know we all studied a second language which we prefer to be an additional skill. The interesting fact is that this you will realize only when you have completed your schooling. Fortunately you will have time to think of that, but unfortunately no time to nourish it! Yes folks, I mean it.

Knowing an extra language is like knowing people of different culture, thoughts, views etc. Trust me!!! This will help you to make your mind to act the way how you can blend yourself into a friendly relation (this is how I am with everyone) with your peers in working environment. Wow wow wow! hold on… where I am taking you? Please be sure that I am not going to talk on the trendy gossips of linguistic people. To be precise this is about “My Hindi Teacher” – Suguna Bhai.

From my 1st standard I choose Hindi as my second language. And you know why? My dear parents are not from Tamil Nadu their ethnicity from Kerala. The reason I feel not to make me to take Tamil may be they found no time to get into trouble in teaching me Tamil – Ha ha ha …! I still remember some of my sweetest memories from our school (Of-course RMHS) and with our dear Suguna teacher. When the 3rd bell rings we need to take our Hindi belonging and march towards Hindi room (believe me this should happen very soon hence to utilize time indeed) She was way very pretty in my childish eyes as she wears “Chudi” (Indian Clothing – more details google lol) and due course we love to be along with her as she perfumes herself every day. Unlike a fearful step we would take with other teacher(s) she is way comfort in all means.

Hindi Class in 90's

This photo was taken during one of my visit to RMHS GOC some years back.

There is an instance were everyone remembers Me (Rajesh) in my Hindi class. It was in 8th standard, when teacher asked me to read one Doha- दोहा (Couplet) in Hindi. But before that I would like to tell one very important secret of mine. I was born as a stammerer! This was so awkward in my life which creeps many of my potential qualities to be buried, and in a due course I found many other fields were I can shine myself, but still this was there undone.

Yet another Hindi Class

Yet another Hindi Class

So the situation is this that am in shit out of fear literally! Usually I use to try some tactics but that was not my day. Perhaps it was like I screwed myself. I walked erect holding the book stiff enough and head thrust outside from my bench to the front of the class. I pretend that I am confident enough to read it loud and pronounce it correctly. So my tactic is to murmur the name of the Doha- दोहा (Couplet) from the time I stand from the bench and walking to the class front(I have starting problem folks). It was working well when I was very near to the position to turn around but the sullen frightful atmosphere makes the scenario a biggest flop ever!

“I started reading the name of the Doha- दोहा (Couplet) before I face around the class!!!”

Everyone laughed. It was green enough to make me cold 😦

I would say aftermath : I take this as an advantage and presented myself to Suguna Teacher in the very afternoon of that day and told everything which I felt and she started liking me much more than before. She told that she wants to meet my mom. This time I was having no fear to take my mom to visit Hindi teacher. I was in pride without any reason. And mom was just hugging me on hearing comments from Hindi teacher – Suguna Bhai. The trust and the love and  the reverence carved in my heart and makes me to visit her often times and still now.

Hindi Teacher Suguna Bhai

Hindi Teacher Suguna Bhai

Isn’t the picture speaks about love and care of a teacher and a respect and proud of the student(s)? (Perhaps I may be so much crazy about my school and teachers). Right most top one was my friend Malcom Arun (Bangalore) and down is my sister Sajana Abhilash (Manakodi, Kerala)

Yes!!! She was asking me why I didn’t called her in days and she asked me to confirm whether I have her contact number or not. I was just laughing and can’t able to lay myself on this Holy Earth!

Can't answer this question!

Can’t answer this question!

There are lot of things I would like share but not here in this post and not today! Its not because that I don’t have much, but its because I would like to keep you all engage in viewing this blog and more importantly I would like to visit the school and see my Hindi teacher to post some more!

This is how “A second language become first!”
What you think about the title? Strange enough? A title that fits perfectly? Well it’s with you.

A needed wide talk

My dear brothers and sisters and my dear friends…

I went to meet Ravi sir in his home this Tuesday with my sister Sajana & my friend Malcom. Was having an awesome time.


You all wont believe me !!! Sir was telling about one incident, “Some times back I got a call from my friends telling that my photo was there in FB. I wonder when and were I gave pose so that to publish in FB!!! This was told to my friend by his son. Rajesh you know this???”. Myself and Malcom laughed  . Then revealed the truth!!!

“Sir there is no one in my Railway Mixed High School Goc Alumni Association page who got near to 100 Likes  and its you!!! Insight showed that your pic have reached more than 1300+ people around the world.” Telling so I showed his pic and read some of the comments you all made on this post.He literally kept both of his hands on his face and was astonished!!!l. The next thing what made us to astonish is that, (wont believe me) he was able to remember the persons like @Mahendran Muthu, Suhasini Ganesh Krishnaveni Rengaraj Karmughil Vannan.

In this photo below he was explaining what made the student so away from Teachers! He added that there are 2 main constrains because of which RMHS GOC is going to get closed bit soon.

1. Rly Colonies are demolished. Hence people are floating to other places.
2. The inevitable systematic education : Samacheer Kalvi. Were student are given chances not to built his IQ but his loop holes.

I have just given a small overview, but what Ravi Sir told was heart breaking.

“Avolo periya Mass a paathu, ippo 500 kulandaiga than namma schoola irunkanga na, manasu rombavey vedanaya irruku da”
– Ravichandran.

Friends we don’t want you to like page or share the posts, but it would rather add values if you could convey some idea/thought were we can do something to make this school again a lively one.

— with Capsicon NoseMalcom Arun and Sajana Vijayan.

My sister SAJANA VIJAYAN, she now settled in Kerala. Got a chance to visit Trichy after 10 years and our school RMHS as well!!!It was like a auspicious year for her as because she completed her 10std during the year 1993. And this year falls her 20 years span in our school. We visited Revathy Teacher & Ravi Master’s residence. And this was taken in Ravi Master’s house.

Ravi Sir

There is an awesome story behind the students of 1993 10th and our dear Ravi Master. It was during the year 1993 batch Ravi master came to RMHS and at the very first time itself he got a big task indeed into his queue. There was no teacher to take Maths subject. Henceforth by then Ravi sir want to teach Maths for 10th std Students for their Annual Exam (Public Exam). Like only 3 months in his hands he was stressed to keep the reputation of our school. Students use to stay back in the school lately and Ravi Sir’s potential was one which they all rely on (now too and years to come along  ). Those 3 months my sister Sajana use to ask many questions and Ravi sir still remembers her questions. 1993 set were very pet to Ravi Master as its being the first and tough students to teach Maths over a short period.Holding a lot of memories Sajana (with Myelf, Malcom & Saraswathi) reached our school entrance. When we reached school it was like some exams going on and we missed to meet Ravi Sir. But with the help of Ramesh Sir we got his contact and rushed to his house. As my sister need to catch her train in the eve as well!

At last we reached Ravi Sir’s home and it was raining like anything. My sister says “Sir…!, ungalakku Vayasu ayerichhu…” Ravi sir replied “Neeyumdhan da romba vasayu aayetta”. Both were laughing so much without any reason. It was so happy to see… Many things they shared and among them sir said “Sajana kitta maaradhadhu avaloda siruppu dhan”. believe me the same was said by Revathy Teacher also (We visited her house just before visiting Ravi Sir’s house). After the rain stops we rushed to make a start as it was already very late by then for her to reach Railway Station.

Master waved his hand over a time in that rain for us. We not only drowned in rain but also in his Smile  Yes we are blessed…

— with Sajana Vijayan.


If you are in search of RMHS GOC then this you have landed on the right blog!. The acute intention of this blog is for the alumnus of Railway Mixed High School English Medium Golden Rock (RMHSGOC) Ponmalai Trichy. 


Everyone can’t forget their schooling.  Where ever we go you are a product of RMHS. Since a change over hospital to school after British-East-India Company till now it never stopped emerging the budding students. Am proud to say that am one among those students as well. Holding lot of memories which are really close to my heart carrying all those till now and towards to eternity. I feel this blog can be a place to share my love for my school and to my dear friends.

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